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Dunlite EF2000iS

Dunlite EF2000iS

The EF2000iS has enough power to run a microwave oven, a camping fridge, a kettle or a television.  It is fitted with a newly designed muffler and air filter to achieve super quiet performance and because of its advanced Noise Block sound reduction system you can have a conversation without having to raise your voice. 

Dunliete 2800i

Dunlite EF2800i

The 2.8 kVA petrol powered inverter generator. The EF2800i is the lightest (29 kg) and quietest (60 dBA) generator in its class. It can power anything from power tools to sophisticated electronics.

Dunlite 5500FW

Dunlite 5500FW

The all new EF5500FW is not only powerful, but also environmentally friendly, economical and capable of longer non-stop operation making it the highest output level in its class!

Dunlite EF7200E

Dunlite EF700E

6 kVA petrol powered generator. The EF7200E provides serious full time power and offers 11 hours of operation without refuelling, has an electric starter for hassle-free start-ups and is capable of running most homes in an emergency situation (including taking on heavy load items such fridges and air conditioners). This 6kVA model supersedes the 5.5kVA Yamaha EF6600E which means you get more power but the pricing, quality and 4 year warranty remains the same.

Dunlite EF2400iS

Dunlite EF2400iS

6 2.4 kVA petrol powered inverter generator. The EF2400iS is light (32 kg) and super quiet (54 dBA) whilst producing a massive 2400 Watts of maximum power.


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